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About Us

Vital Virtues – Rise to Virtue 

Vital: essential to life, very important. 
 moral excellence; a good quality especially a moral one.

Rather than religion-based and beyond spirituality, Vital Virtues is about empathy and tapping into the human innate need to help others.

We are unsatisfied by the lack of social and moral responsibility of the mass media. We hope our line empowers, inspires, re-affirms important life values, and awakens those who are sleep.

Vital Virtues is about sharing time-honored traditions of virtue and character building in a hip modern way. The average teenager to young adult searching for self-discovery is our ideal customer.

Our principles were founded in liberal Christianity and show in our work but we also have a healthy respect and appreciation for other belief systems as well  which you will see featured in upcoming product lines. 

We are about being authentic to who we are, and having our designs on high quality products. We are very selective about what we put out, and firmly stand behind our messages. We want an avid church / temple youth goer to a person who doesn’t consider themselves to be spiritual or religious – to be proud of our brand.

Youth Mission Statement: 

To affirm, support, enrich, and inspire youth through character building – to influence positive change and promote healthy values. 

Product Mission Statement:

To offer the highest quality American-made apparel and North American skateboards available for direct purchase or customization.

We print on Bella+Canvas and Next Level for their high apparel quality, social responsibility, plus soft & fitted feel.

Environment Mission Statement:

To respect, to cherish, to make environmental conscious decisions on best printing and production practices not only for the individual but for Mother Nature.

We print with eco-friendly inks – which is the best choice for the environment.

Outreach Mission Statement:

To support worthy causes and lesser known charity and organizations which do important work but don’t get enough funding or attention they deserve (underdog charities and organizations).

Past Outreach Projects: 

Vital Virtues was inspired to raise money to be able to Pay It Forward to bless those in need, uplift, empower others – to leave a positive legacy behind.

To date, Vital Virtues have assisted three organizations thus far with the objective of benefiting much more.

Four Oaks (Iowa, IA): donated stationary and stamps of encouragement to female and male teens at one of the largest child welfare / juvenile justice organizations in Iowa. Vital Virtues donated “Respect Women” stationary to the female teens, and “Winged Faith” stationary for the male teens. (2010)

Enchanted Makeovers (Detroit, MI): several organizations contributed either time, food, gifts, clothing, etc., to throw a memorable Cinderella-like event for 20 women staying in a Detroit shelter trying to rebuild their lives. Vital Virtues donated 20 Love Hope Faith Silver Christian Jesus fish bracelets with scripture on the outside: Palm 16:11, “Blessings of joy – you will fill me with joy in your presence.” (2011)

Super S.T.E.M. Saturday Expo (Harlem, NY): Vital Virtues gave free graphic design, print production, affordable print pricing connections to a free event for children and families in Harlem, NY. It happens once a year and is called “Super Saturday S.T.E.M. Expo.” S.T.E.M. stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math, and features professionals in the industry and youth showcasing interactive hands-on demonstrations. (2014)

*Highlight: Vital Virtues created a ¼ print ad which was featured on Page 4 of the Metro NY newspaper.

The History of Vital Virtues from the Owner / Designer:

The idea for Vital Virtues began when I was a Junior High School teacher (church volunteer) of two years at Marble Collegiate Church, NY.

My volunteer track record include: Sleep-over at a Homeless Shelter, Children’s Halloween Party, Children’s Choir Retreat, 2-year Assistant Sunday Church High School Teacher, 2-year Sunday Church School Junior High Teacher, Winter / Spring Junior High & High School Youth Retreat Leader, Young Adult Group Leadership Team, Young Adult Retreat participation, Lenten Service Scripture Reader, and Senior’s Christmas Party volunteer.

My church school volunteer experience began working as an Assistant Church School teacher of two years for High School students. After that, I was given the opportunity from the Church School Directors of teaching Junior High. At the same time, I was also a member of the Young Adults Group called Bagels & Bible which met Sunday afternoon right after the main service.

I noticed a parallel – a common thread between the teenagers and the young adults. Both groups were searching for direction. Questioning, building, exploring their faith and who they were, and wrestling with real life issues – what it means being a Christian or a spiritual person in the 20th Century.

I love to Pay It Forward, and help people in need or worthy causes. I thought, what would happen if I combined my background in the graphic arts with positive, uplifting themes on clothing which teenagers and young adults would feel proud to wear?

Instead of just working at my local church, I could create an online store which could reach a global audience, plus I can still help people in need. I am motivated to raise funds to benefit a charitable organization in need of funds or support.

With your help, we can make a difference together.

Thank you for your support, 

Kalik Hamilton